Design, or not to Design


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There is a professional team,right in front of you which made for creative people who want to reach their full potential in automotive design development.

Furniture design

In all projects you’ll either find a engineering design process, architectural or graphic approach.

Bence konsul

Craftsmanship, honesty and passion are fundamental in our quest to bring well designed contemporary furniture to peoples homes.

Stunning Designs

The studio searches for a balance between aesthetics, functionality and durability. These factors are expressed in a range of furniture.

Bence Berjer

Professional figures able to respond to the new needs of the sector.

Plant your ideas, grow your brand

In the furniture sector, providing our ability is to understand and manage design as a lever for competitive advantage.

Home Appliances

In all projects you’ll either find a sculptural, architectural or graphic approach.


Design endeavour to use environmentally friendly products, materials, manufacturing techniques and packaging when possible.


Design studios which set the benchmark in performance, versatility and aesthetics.

Mixer Grinder

The goal of this process is to guide you and organize your work to turn ideas into concrete solutions.


Product design permeates many aspects of our lives and branches out into many different.